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Shan Cooper

"I love Chris's approach to movement and I love that his program can be adapted to suit all ages, strengths, time constraints, and fitness levels."


"Been saving these for a little while. This is the product of 4 weeks of eating low carb, using Pruvit Ketones for energy, training using Primalthenics (20 minutes per day) while running a business, and being injured. This is the exact program that we are delivering to the public for our TFW Keto Challenge that starts in June. If you want great results like I have done (I think they’re great anyway) then please comment on the pic and I’ll send you a link to sign up. There will also be an online variation as well for those that cannot make it to the gym."

"Session 8 finished, I’m a little bit sad knowing these are coming to an end of the challenge. It is so different from anything I have done before. I love how strong I’m starting to feel. Thank you, Chris Miller."


"After 20 years of policing in the Northern Territory and working in an environment synonymous with a poor diet as well as a culture that encouraged a beer at the end of shift, I found myself at 44 years of age with some detrimental health issues. I was lucky enough to hear about this holistic Personal Trainer through a friend (thanks Miles)and after some emails and phone calls, my journey with Chris Miller began. Chris and his Primalthenics program are amazing, and for me, it’s been an absolute game-changer and all very achievable. After three months I have lost more than 10 kilograms, gained muscle mass, and have renewed energy levels. My better health has also had a direct impact on my personal and professional lives as my increased energy levels have encouraged me to do better across the board. I have learned through Chris that it all centers around Health and Fitness and I am genuinely a happier person. Chris tailored the Primalthenics program for me and my busy lifestyle, and best of all I still enjoy a beer with family and friends on the weekend. For those thinking about a lifestyle change, you can do it, Chris is your man, and best of all Primalthenics can be done anywhere and anytime–I still get some strange looks waiting for Hamish at Flip out, and I did have power interruptions during the recent Cyclone that passed through Darwin. Thanks, Chris for your knowledge, generosity, and passion."

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Alicia Maree

I couldn’t recommend Chris and his PrimalThenics way of life enough. After having children via c-sections, Chris’ expertise allowed me to gain the strength and confidence I needed to train my body safely again. He respects what the body needs to do to operate optimally and he trains people hard towards that. It’s brilliant! Thank you, Chris! 10/10

I worked with Chris at Queensland sevens. Had me feeling great. His ability to maximise strength and mobility in all body positions is what sets him apart. I was blown away by Chris’ knowledge and understanding of the body. Would recommend maximizing Sevens maximize. Through collaboration, we developed powerful solutions, handling tasks like onboarding, expense management, and sales pipeline updates. This saved hours of manual work, improved data accuracy, and freed up employee time for strategic priorities.

After being involved in numerous rugby programs, Chris is the most proactive coach I have had which has enabled me to continue my sporting career after having serious back injuries in the past.

PrimalThenics programming is extremely unique and individualized to suit every body type and age.

The teachings of Mobility, functionality, and strength are why I continue to train with PrimalThenics.

A very holistic and realistic approach to movement and exercise. Such a fantastic way to exercise and focus on general wellness.

The service is professional with any questions answered in a timely fashion. PrimalThenics will give you the foundation to do any activity you desire by increasing strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance, and the workouts are exciting.

Having in been involved in both a team environment & one on one coaching I couldn’t speak highly enough of Chris & his work. The best I’ve felt physically in years. Highly recommend

I had the pleasure of completing a number of Group Training sessions in Darwin with Chris. Amazing physical workout; always relevant and different and Chris’ ability to identify body movement stressors and adapt exercises is the best I’ve encountered.

Thank you, Chris, I CAN RUN! This sounds strange but I haven’t been able to comfortably run for 5 years since I had my second bub. I have been working with you for just over two months and my body is SO MUCH STRONGER. Thank you for helping me rebuild my body and mind!! 💙

Chris is an inspiration... love his approach his coaching style and his vision... he goes way beyond what most of the industry is offering.

Greg Ree

Primalthenics has become key to my daily personal fitness and well-being. I feel an immediate positive impact on my body and mind. Chris’s complete program is fun yet challenging, flexible yet relevant to lifestyles, personal yet very supportive. Thank you, H&FG!

Rachel Bury

Primalthenics workouts with the Health and Fitness Guy are the most fun, efficient, and effective workouts I've ever done! Every session is different and dynamic and Chris's knowledge and enthusiasm are inspiring. After just a very few sessions my strength, fitness, and balance improved, and my body toned and lifted in all the right places! Primalthenics has also improved my running and cycling and enabled me to take to the netball court for the first time in four years, without difficulty. I can't recommend The Health and Fitness Guy highly enough!!

Laurie Van De Graaf

I’m so glad I was introduced to The Health & Fitness Guy. Since training with Chris, I have gained strength & fitness and said goodbye to the bingo wings and muffin top. Chris is passionate about fitness and it shows through his energy, enthusiasm, and extensive knowledge that he brings to every session. Every workout is challenging and creative but most importantly fun. I have never smiled so much while training. Thank you, Chris.

Conor Reynolds

Chris's Primalthenics program has been the perfect program for me when I'm on the go. Running a startup means all my time is centered around the business which means the first thing to usually do is my fitness routine. With Chris' program, I have been able to stay extremely fit and mobile with only 25 minutes of training per day. I don't need to invest in any gym equipment or pay exuberant gym fees to get the results I need. If you're a CEO, a time-poor corporate executive, or a busy parent who needs to exercise but finds it hard to make time, then Chris's program is the perfect fit.

Shorty Rowat

I have been training with Chris for a while now and have loved (in that love/hate training way) every session.

I have played at a national level in rugby and Chris's sessions are some of the hardest but more importantly most functional sessions I have ever done.

I really enjoy that everyone can adapt his training to their own level. I really like to challenge myself to reach level 2 or level 3. I can continue training and Chris helps me to adapt the exercises to suit what my needs are. Thanks for helping me build my strength and flexibility coach.

Miles Brown

I was struggling to run 10kms and lower back pain was making it difficult to walk.

Chris got me to change my mindset, diet, and training program and after a couple of treatments and a few weeks of Primal Thenics, there was a huge improvement. Over the very short time frame I went into the run feeling fantastic both physically and mentally and ultimately finishing in a time I was incredibly happy with.

Chris is a great coach who ultimately wants to set you up to be self-sufficient and his online coaching is a great way of helping you reach your goals with flexibility. His PT classes are a tough, but fun, way to increase your strength and conditioning and it doesn’t take long before you really notice the difference.

I thoroughly recommend joining the Health and Fitness Guy and I am looking forward to more ultras with Chris coaching me.

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